About our company

Pizza-Click.Com has been started since 2009. It had delivery services for over 100 zip codes in Germany.

About the owner

Arsess Vakilpour

Arsess Vakilpour had been educated in Mechanical Engineering - Heat and Fluid Mechanics major at A.I.T. Abadan Institute of Technology of Ahwaz-Iran in 1989 to 1994. He was really interested in computer programming and learned FORTRAN IV, GW-Basic, Turbo Pascal 5 and Foxpro 2.6 and wrote the Program Chotke v1 to v80 (means abacus). After that, he registered Arsess Computer Company. That company renamed soon as Chotke Negarane Khobre but it's not active now. Then he has immigrated to Germany in 2002, he learned Java 2, Visual J++ 6, Visual C#.Net 2005-2015, ASP.NET, Silverlight.NET, PHP4-7, MySQL5, Angular7, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML4-5 and CSS2-3 and registered the company PC-Krankenwagen ( means computer ambulance ). It's been renamed to PARS IT after a while. This company released the first version of www.' . brand_name() program.' . Medikamenta and intranet are his other projects.

About Chotke

Chotke was a perfect database program for bookkeeping and inventory management under MS-DOS 6.22. This program has been updated overally through 8 years. It has been designed specially for businessmen who had not enough information about inventory and bookkeeping; even those who had not computing experience or had a little information about computer. They liked to do inventory and bookkeeping affairs personaly, which it was possible in one or two hours by "Chotke" . It was advertised in Iran TV in 2001 and had been sold in different states and cities of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, Kish, Chabahar and Rasht.

About Medikamenta

Medikamenta.de was a price compare web application.By this software, comstumers could search desired drugs and add to purchasing basket. At the end, Medikamenta offered a list of pharmacies which were able to supply costumer's order totally. Of course, final list was offered according to final value, forwarding price and costumer's evaluation. Medikamenta kept information of 400,000 medicine and it updated price of them from 200 pharmacy twice per hour.It means collecting 160,000,000 data and preparation of data per hour.

About Intranet

That project was designed for intranet of one of the biggest distribution companies in Germany and started since February 2013 till now. More than 1,000 personels are working at 300 agencies. All bureaucracy affaires of central office in Dusseldorf, also agencies affaires like distributing information, gifts, print labels, generate post labels and so on will be done by this program.